Tzvi Waldman v. Rockland County

Tzvi Waldman v. Rockland County is an Article 78 lawsuit, in which we requested documents from Rockland County related to the county’s pause on issuing pistol permits. Following the Supreme Court ruling in Bruen, which stated that the NYS pistol permit regime is unconstitutional, counties across the state halted the acceptance of pistol permit applications. …

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We will not be disarmed while criminals run rampant in the streets

We are left with no choice but to take this matter to the courts. We are happy to announce that we have retained civil rights attorneys Ameer Benno of Benno & Associates P.C. and Cory Morris of The Law Offices of Cory H. Morris as counsel to lead us through this legal battle. With their combined knowledge and extensive history in fighting for social justice and constitutional rights, we are confident that we will resolve our grievances.