New York City Gun Permit Process

Guide to Apply for a New Concealed Carry – Gun License in New York City.

This part will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete the online portion.

Required documents and IDs for the application needed (scanned as either a PDF or JPG or JPEG or BMP or TIF or PNG – it must be less than 5mb each file) Can’t have a file name containing any special characters: accents, tildes, symbols, etc. (e.g., è, é, ñ, &, *, #):

  • A recent Passport Photo ID of yourself
  • Government issued ID (valid driver’s license)
  • Proof of Citizenship (valid passport, birth certificate)
  • Social Security Card
  • 18 Hour Training Certificate (currently being fought in court).
  • Character References signed and notarized (4 needed for the Concealed Carry, only 2 for a Premise License or Rifle/Shotgun License) (currently being fought in court).
  • Proof of Address (recent utility bill i.e. gas, electric, cable or tax bill)
  • Affidavit of Cohabit (notarized) – must have one for each person living in your home that is over 18 years old. If living alone, write “I Live Alone” and sign it.
  • Safeguard ID: You will need a copy of the Government ID card of the individual that you will designate as your Safeguard.
  • Lifetime Abstract of your DMV – ($7.00 online from the NYS DMV). Link:

Other Information needed to complete the application:

  • Your residential address history for the past 5 years.
  • Your employment history for the past 5 years.
  • List of former & current social media accounts for the last 3 years (currently being fought in court).
  • Other Gun Permit/Licenses from other states (Non-Resident) – if you have.
  • Your height, weight, hair and eyes color.

Other Circumstances (when applicable):

  • Any Dispositions / summons – Write an explanation of each arrest, including moving violations or other traffic violations. Keep it short and to the facts. Don’t admit to anything. Parking tickets do not count.
  • Arrest: If you were ever arrested, indicted or summonsed (other than parking violations) for any reason you must answer “Yes” to that question and submit a certificate of disposition showing the offense and the disposition. Also, you must submit a detailed statement describing the circumstances surrounding each arrest. YOU MUST DO THIS EVEN IF: the case was dismissed, the record sealed, or the case nullified by operation of law. The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services will report to us every instance involving the arrest of an applicant. DO NOT rely on anyone’s representation that you need not list a previous arrest because it was sealed. If you were ever convicted or pleaded guilty to a felony, or a serious offense as defined in Penal Law Section 265.00(17), an original Certificate of Relief from Disabilities must be submitted.
  • Summons Information: If you have received a summons for anything other than a parking violation you must answer Yes to question-23. You must list the violation and disposition for each summons received. Dispositions for criminal summons can be obtained at your local county clerk where you were arrested or summoned.
  • Order of Protection: If you have ever had an Order of Protection or Restraining Order issued against you, or issued on your behalf against anyone, you must list the following information: Court of Issuance; Complainant’s or Respondent/Defendant’s name, including address and phone number; Complainant’s or Respondent/ Defendant’s relationship to you; Reason for issuance of Order of Protection or Restraining Order.


  • The final step of this online application is payment. You will get redirected to the NYC PAY portal. Choose Pay By Credit Card to get instant confirmation. By check can take 10 business days for the payment to clear. The fee is $340.00
  • Fingerprinting: If this is your first time, you will need to pay $89.75 – this is paid when you go down to 1 Police Plaza by appointment which they will schedule via email. It can take from a month to 6-8 months for them to schedule you for an appointment. Many have experienced much quicker wait times by filing out first a Rifle/Shotgun application which gets processed in their Queens office, upon which is usually within 30 days of applying. And once you have your fingerprints on file, they won’t have you do it again for your concealed carry. The Rifle/Shotgun application fee is $140.


  1. You will need to go to
    1. REGISTER (unless you already have an account, Log In and skip to b).
      1. You will need to enter your email address.
      2. Your Social Security #
    2. Under the APPLICATIONS select START NEW.
    3. Answer No is this is renewing an existing license and press START
    4. From the Drop-Down menu select CONCEALED CARRY.
    5. Fill out the application, there are many steps, (don’t get discouraged) and many questions are Yes or No. If you read through and prepared all the required documents and information from the first page of this guide, you will be able to breeze through the process.
    6. For How are you going to store your gun when not in use. you can state “in a locked, secured safe, unloaded with a trigger lock with the ammo stored separately”.
    7. For When do you feel that you have a right to use your firearm. you can state “When unable to retrieve to a safe location, when being faced with deadly force and fear or imminent death or serious bodily harm to myself or to my loved ones.”
    8. For Familiarity with Penal Law 35/265/400: you can state: “I have read and understand all the laws and reviewed them during my 18-hour training class.”
    9. For CONFIDENTIALITY REQUEST – Choose option 4. “I have reason to believe that I may be subject to unwarranted harassment upon disclosure.”
    10. Towards the end of the application, you will need to upload all the required documents. Many items have its own upload (Choose File) button, for all other documents, use the ‘Upload Additional Documents’
    11. Check your email and verify your email address. If you didn’t get it, check your spam/junk folder.
    12. Congratulations! You have asked permission from the NYPD to grant you your constitutional right to self-defense. Now, it is a waiting period of unknown time until they decide to review your application and grant you your 2nd Amendment right. Good luck, keep yourself safe and vigilant and see you at the range.