second amendment advocacy

The second amendment is a God-given right upon which the government has no right infringing.
It is the bedrock of our constitution that protects the other amendments, and it’s the ultimate check against our government turning tyrannical. Every person in this country has the right to bear arms to protect themself and their loved ones. The Jewish community has a strong history of surviving tyrannical governments throughout history, and we truly value the right to bear arms to continue to do so.

We work closely with 2A organizations to promote, advocate, and litigate, to protect the second amendment.


Second Amendment Litigation

Goldstein v. Hochul

In Goldstein v. Hochul we filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York against New York state officials. We also filed an application for an emergency injunction to stop New York State from enforcing the aspect of the CCIA that designates places of worship or religious observation as “sensitive places,” where possessing a licensed firearm is prohibited and punishable with severe criminal penalties. Court Filings Learn More.

Tzvi Waldman v. Rockland County

In Tzvi Waldman v. Rockland County we requested documents in order to better understand why after the supreme court ruled that the NYS pistol permit regime is unconstitutional. Counties across the state halted the acceptance of pistol permit applications. Our request for documents was denied so we filed an article 78, Learn More.

In Tzvi Waldman v. Suffolk County we submitted a FOIL request to the Suffolk County Police Department after we heard from members in Suffolk County that the SCPD was abusing Red Flag laws that violate the Constitution, resulting in firearms being confiscated without the proper due process. Our FOIL was denied so we filed an article 78, Learn More.

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