Tzvi Waldman v. Rockland County

Tzvi Waldman v. Rockland County is an Article 78 lawsuit, in which we requested documents from Rockland County related to the county’s pause on issuing pistol permits. Following the Supreme Court ruling in Bruen, which stated that the NYS pistol permit regime is unconstitutional, counties across the state halted the acceptance of pistol permit applications. This unnecessary and useless delay violated people’s constitutional rights. The Heller and Bruen supreme court decisions reassured that the Second Amendment is an individual constitutional right. Local governments need to realize that and not delay and extend the time it takes for someone to apply for a pistol permit. For the county to delay and not make the process transparent is unlawful. In our inquiry to uncover who is holding up the process, we submitted a FOIL request for documents that were denied. We then filed an Article 78 lawsuit  to uncover the truth.

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