We will not be disarmed while criminals run rampant in the streets

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“Do Not Stand Idly By While Your Neighbor’s Blood Is Shed” (Leviticus 19:16)

Press Release September 6, 2022

As the Jewish High Holidays approach, we are appalled that we will be unprotected while our families spend many hours in our shuls. The second amendment is not a second class right. Law enforcement does a great job, but they simply can’t be everywhere all the time. We cannot outsource our self-defense to the government. Each individual has the right and responsibility to defend our families.

We are left with no choice but to take this matter to the courts. We are happy to announce that we have retained civil rights attorneys Ameer Benno of Benno & Associates P.C. and Cory Morris of The Law Offices of Cory H. Morris as counsel to lead us through this legal battle. With their combined knowledge and extensive history in fighting for social justice and constitutional rights, we are confident that we will resolve our grievances.  

“This latest legislative effort eviscerates New Yorkers’ ability to exercise their most basic constitutional rights without fear of harm or arrest, it fosters criminality and forces religious institutions to advertise to criminals that New York demands our churches and synagogues remain vulnerable to hate and violence,: Cory Morris explains. “This legislation not only ensures that the surge in religion- based hate crimes will continue, but turns worshippers into sitting ducks.”

“By designating all houses of worship as “sensitive places” where exercising the fundamental right to self defense will now be punishable by prison time, the government has not only violated the Second Amendment but also the First Amendment’s guarantee of the free exercise of religion,” says Ameer Benno. “No one should have to choose between practicing their faith and defending themselves and their family. We will fight to strike down this blatantly unconstitutional law.”

This is a huge undertaking for us and we cannot do it without the support of our members and the public. Therefore, we are crowdfunding to raise the necessary funds. You can donate at www.nysjgc.com/donate

     We are also looking for houses of worship from other denominations that are willing to stand hand in hand with us through this fight. “While this matter affects us more than others, the constitution guarantees this right for all Americans,” Tzvi Waldman says. I call out to all religious leaders from across the state that are worried for the safety of their congregants to reach out to me. We need to do this together.    

Additionally, we are looking for store owners, people waiting for their pistol permits to be processed and anyone that is adversely affected by the CCIA law.   If you are interested in joining as a plaintiff  please fill out the online questionnaire. www.nysjgc.com/join or email  [email protected]