September Newsletter

We are living in monumental times for the Second Amendment.

As we all know the Supreme Court recently ruled to reinforce the second amendment, ensuring that every law-abiding American has the right to bear arms, no matter who they are or where they are. However, the Governor of New York immediately shattered that newfound safety. Her new law, the CCIA, prevents us from protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the violence in our streets. It is unfortunate that there is yet another roadblock in our way. Nevertheless, we will fight this, because we have faith in our Constitution. We know that the wheels of justice spin ever so slowly, but this is an important fight and we are up for the challenge. We are fighting not just for our own right of self defense, but to ensure that our freedoms are preserved for our children and generations to come. We have all heard stories from our grandparents about how they felt when they reached the shores of Ellis Island. Seeing Lady Liberty filled them with hope and excitement knowing that they had reached the land of the free. They knew that on these shores they would have the ability to restart their lives without the fear of prosecution, to raise us, the next generation of proud American Jews. 

Where is that freedom for which our grandparents traversed oceans? This is not the first time the Government is trying to take our liberties from us. American history is filled with eras when the government tried to overreach and needed to be reminded of the Constitution’s limits on their power. They were reined in by people like us, who pressured them to remember their limited powers and stay true to our founding document. 

We, too, need to keep the pressure on our elected officials and not be afraid to voice our opinions. As New Yorkers we like to blend in and get along with our neighbors and friends. Voicing our dissenting opinions might not always be the popular thing to do. But this issue is too important for us to remain silent. We must have conversations with people around us. When we do, we will be surprised by how many of our neighbors have the same sentiments as us. We must make our voices heard, loudly yet respectfully, and we will prevail.

So much has happened in the last month, it has been hard to keep up.


We are suing the State! On September 6th we sent out a press release announcing our lawsuit. We have retained excellent legal counsel and they are working hard around the clock to prepare the lawsuits. However, we are still short on the funds needed to get this lawsuit filed. Our fundraising efforts are well underway. However, we still need help from the public to raise the additional necessary fund. 

To help with our legal fees, you can donate by credit card, Quickpay/Zelle to [email protected], or checks made out to UJGC (United Jewish Gun Coalition) and mailed to 400 Rella Blvd, Suite 207-26, Montebello, NY 10901. 


We created a non-profit organization, called the United Jewish Gun Coalition (UJGC). This organization will advocate, promote and educate people on the second amendment, the rights it enshrines, and gun safety. Stay tuned for our upcoming exciting projects.


Many people from across the state (and beyond) have been emailing us to ask how to join our club. We are getting overwhelmed by the number of new member requests. We are in the process of creating a membership system on the website and opening it up to people from across the state to streamline the enrollment process. 


Our founder, Tzvi Waldman, was on Glenn Beck radio talking about how the State’s gun laws prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying a pistol in houses of worship. Click here to listen to the radio segment. There are also some other news sites that covered our efforts, including News 12, The Daily Caller and many more. Check out the Media section of our website to see all the coverage of our club.    

With wishes for a Shana Tova to all of our members and supporters, their families, and their loved ones. May this be a sweet year of safety, health, and happiness for all.

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