Rockland County Gun Permit Process

Guide to Apply for a New Concealed Carry / Gun License in Rockland County New York.

Download all application documents to be filled out on the computer

Complete and print documents

  • TWO copies of the Application – Cannot be bent or folded
    • On page 3, you need to disclose any prior arrests, including youth offender, dismissed, and/or sealed). For any prior arrests, go to the town where the arrest occurred and request a certified copy of the Certificate of Disposition, and add that information on page 3 of the application
  • One of each of the other documents
    • Disclosure Form
    • Opt-out Form
    • HIPAA form (Authorization to Release of Health Information forms)
    • HIPAA form (Montefiore Nyack Hospital)
    • Fingerprint Form
  • One per adult (over 18), living in your home – Household Consent form
    • If you do not have anyone over 18 living with you, complete Consent form B instead

Sign and Notarize

  • Get original signatures from your references on BOTH COPIES of the application, at the bottom of page 1
  • Sign the Disclosure form, Opt-out form, and both HIPAA forms.
  • At a notary – DO NOT SIGN IN ADVANCE
    • Sign and notarize the last page of BOTH COPIES of your application
    • Household members sign and notarize the household consent form OR Sign and notarize Consent form B

Schedule a Safety Class

Schedule an 18-hour safety class and get a certificate.

This MUST be completed before your fingerprinting appointment at the Sherriff’s office

Submit completed application at the County Clerk’s office

  • Make an appointment at the County Clerk to submit your paperwork. Make sure everything is signed and notarized before.
  • Bring along
    • Driver’s license
    • 2 copies of signed and notarized application – not bent or folded
    • Signed Disclosure Form
    • Signed Opt-out Form
    • Signed HIPAA form (Authorization to Release of Health Information forms)
    • Signed HIPAA form (Montefiore Nyack Hospital)
    • Signed and notarized Household Consent form (one for each adult who resides in your home) OR Signed and notarized Consent form B
    • Fingerprint Form
    • Self Addressed Envelope
    • 18-hour class certificate – if you already have it
    • Non-US Citizens must submit a copy of their valid Alien Registration Card
    • Non-Refundable $150 cash or CC – 2.25% processing fee will be charged for CC payments
  • They will take your picture, review the paperwork, and mark it “CLEARED FOR FINGERPRINTING”
  • They will give you back the paperwork and tell you to reach out to the Sherriff’s department for fingerprints.

Get Fingerprinted

  • Call the Sherriff’s department at (845) 638-5400. They will put you on a list and call you with an appointment for fingerprinting.
  • Bring back all your paperwork, INCLUDING the paperwork from the 18-hour course to your fingerprinting appointment.
  • After your fingerprint appointment, your 4 references will get a letter in the mail from the Sherriff’s department. They will have to notarize the letter and send it back.

Getting Your License

  • Meanwhile, your background check will be run. Once everything is clear, it will go to the judge who will review your application and you will get your license in the mail. This process may take about six months.