New Jersey Non Resident Pistol Permit

This is the process for a non-New Jersey resident living in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine. For residents of other states follow the same process but apply at the police station closest to your residence. 

DISCLAIMER this is just a guide, not legal advice. The law was recently changed. Please check the New Jersey State Police website for the latest information.


Out of State New York residents should apply at Totowa Sub-Station

You must have an appointment. 

To schedule an appointment go to Non-Resident Carry Permit Appointments
If appointments are unavailable add yourself to the waitlist Non-Resident Carry Permit Waitlist



Driver’s License and Birth Certificate OR Driver’s License and Passport OR Driver’s License and Naturalization Paperwork/Green Card

Fill out form SP-642 Application to conceal carry permit

  • For legibility purposes, fill out all information that you can on a computer, except for signatures

  • Print out THREE of the application form. Each of the three forms should be filled out (NO COPIES)

  • Application needs to be printed double sided. 

  • Each of the references on the form should be filled out by the same references.

  •  References must know the applicant for a minimum of 3 years. (NO COPIES)

  • The references are not allowed to be family members.

  • It is suggested to put references who will be ready to answer the phone when the PD calls them

  • On the application in Municipal Code put NJNSP0800

  • Notarize all three applications. 

  Complete form SP0-66 for consent of mental health record search.

FOUR 1.5″ x 1.5″ photos.

  • Four (4) color passport size photographs.You can use an online service like passport-photo-online You will have the option to download your photo, which you can use to print at your local store. Or you can do it at a local store.

Receipt of purchase for guns you want to carry

  • This can be an invoice from when you purchased the handgun, or a letter signed by you stating the make, model, and caliber of any handgun you wish to carry

Training & Qualifications: You must take a test to show proper handling and safety with each gun you want to carry. While class time is NOT required to submit your application, it is negligent to carry without proper training.

  • Qualifications must be done with a certified instructor

  • If you are an expert at carrying and do not need a class, inquire about just the shooting qualifications needed to submit your application

  • If you are NOT an expert, inquire about some training AND qualifications needed to submit your application

  • Written qualification must be within six (6) months of application and include Instructors Name and Certification, make, model, caliber and serial number of handgun(s) you intend to carry

Money order OR Cashier’s check for $200 made payable to “Treasurer, State of New Jersey”

  • You can get a Cashier’s check from your bank or post office, CVS, Walmart, Western Union etc.


After you hand in your application you will need to go and do fingerprints. When you hand in the application, you will get a code which you will need when you get your fingerprints taken. 

The fingerprints are done by Identogo, a third-party company. You can schedule an appointment or find a location that does walk-ins at